Welcome to Exor's Games Grading Guide, where we take immense pride in providing the highest quality grading services for trading cards. Whether you are a collector, player, or investor, we understand the importance of having the cards that you buy and sell be accurately graded to ensure their value, authenticity, and overall condition.

We believe that grading is an art form that requires expertise, attention to detail, and a commitment to excellence. Our team of experienced graders possesses an extensive knowledge of various card games, including but not limited to Pokémon, Magic: The Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Lorcana, Flesh & Blood, and more. We have dedicated countless hours to studying and mastering the intricacies of each card's attributes, ensuring that our grading process is meticulous and comprehensive.

We take immense pride in our grading services, knowing that our expertise and attention to detail enhance the value and appeal of your cards. Our goal is to provide you with a grading experience that exceeds your expectations, ensuring that your cards are accurately assessed and protected.

Note: The items listed in the photos below are some examples of a variety of types of NM, LP, MP, HP, or DMG cards that exist. Grading exists on a scale and we do our best to give fair and accurate grades when it comes to both buying and selling trading cards.

Near Mint cards '

Near Mint (NM):

Appearance: Cards can contain minor superficial imperfections. Near-Mint cards are considered Near Mint, not Mint and are not guaranteed to be suitable for grading.

Surface: Free from many noticeable surface scratches and devoid of scuffs.

Edges: Sharp and clean, with little noticeable whitening or wear. May contain superficial imperfections but generally the edges are great.

Corners: Crisp with no bends, fraying, or whitening beyond the manufacturing process.

Other: No clouding, staining, or any other imperfections. Foils in NM condition have little to no scuffing or clouding.

Lightly Played cards '

Lightly Played (LP):

Appearance: Minor imperfections that are visible upon close inspection.

Surface: Might have minor surface wear or a few very light scratches.

Edges: Slight edge wear or a bit of whitening might be present.

Corners: Lightly worn corners or a minor bend is acceptable.

Other: No major creases. Foils in LP condition may have light scuffing/minor clouding.

Moderately Played cards '

Moderately Played (MP):

Appearance: Shows moderate wear but is in a condition suitable for sleeve play.

Surface: Noticeable scuffing or light scratches might be present.

Edges: Moderate edge wear or whitening.

Corners: Corners may have moderate wear or minor creases.

Hevily Played cards '

Heavily Played (HP):

Appearance: Card has significant wear but remains intact and lays flat on a table.

Surface: Scuffing, scratches, or minor staining might be present.

Edges: Significant edge wear, whitening, or even minor tears.

Corners: Worn corners, possibly with minor tears or heavy creases.

Other: Major creases, fading, or minor water damage might be present. Foils in Heavily Played condition show significant clouding or wear.

Damaged cards '

Damaged (DMG):

Appearance: Major flaws that affect the card's structural integrity or aesthetics.

Surface: Heavy scratches, staining, indents, holes, or inking might be present.

Edges: Frayed edges or significant tears.

Corners: Heavy wear, major creases, or significant bends.

Other: Torn, water-damaged, written on, or showing other significant damage. Foils in DMG condition are typically not tournament legal.