Unlock the full potential of our Card Evaluation Experience:

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  2. Harness the power of our appraisal service by adding the "Card Evaluation Experience" to your cart using the link below before proceeding to checkout.

  3. Package the items you wish to sell with care before sending them to us. We offer several different payment methods - Store credit, Paypal, e-transfer, Cash or Cheque. Should you select Store Credit, bask in the glory of a 30% bonus!

  4. An email with your Order Number will be sent to the email address on your account upon checkout. Send your sacred cards to the address below or bring them in-person, accompanied by your name and the Order number.

Upon their arrival, our card team will make any adjustments to the buylist. Once grading is complete, you will receive an email, with the final quote for your cards. 

  1. To ensure a smooth process, please ship your order within 2 business days. Make sure to include your name and order number on the package.

  2. We offer complimentary standard shipping for returns, and if you wish to have a tracking number, an $11.99 fee will be added to your total.

  3. We have a firm policy against negotiating prices. If you wish to have certain items returned, kindly email customerservice@exorgames.com with your order number, name, list of cards and description. 

  4. Please be aware that once payment is made, returning the items is not an available option.

  5. For added security, we strongly recommend purchasing tracking and insurance for your order, as we cannot assume responsibility for orders that may be lost or damaged in transit.

  6. You will have 3 business days to let us know of any issues you have with the buylist final quote. If we do not hear from you in 3 days, we consider the offer as accepted, payment will be sent. We will not be able to reverse once payment has been made.